Holly Millman - Organizational Coach
New Order
Holly Millman, Organizer
With a background in both psychology and education and 20 years of experience in the corporate world, Holly Millman seems to have what it takes to get things done. And in her latest incarnation as a personal organizer, she also has what it takes to make you get things done and turn the kitchen junk drawer that is your life into something frighteningly tidy.
No, she won't go through your junk mail for you every day and she won't follow your toddler around picking up discarded toys and putting them back. What she will do is teach you how to keep your time, space, materials, and information in order. Her goal is to give you the skills to bring order to your life where there was once only chaos, whether it's help with paperwork overload, getting your 6th grader to do his homework, or sorting out a houseful of dusty memorabilia you haven't looked at in years. But Millman isn't just about working with private individuals in their homes: she also gets things organized in the business world.
For one recent client, her success with the business owners' smart but distracted children inspired them to bring her into the family's catering business as a consultant. "I helped them with their staffing, organizational charts, filing systems, and business plan," says Millman. "Then I went into the homes of the company officers and principals and did the same sort of thing for their personal systems and spaces."
"The people who come to me are typically highly intelligent, but don't have the skills to manage their time, information and work space. I help them function better in their lives. The same is true with kids—they're the reason I left commercial real estate, so I could use my background in psychology and education and work with young people again. The kids I work with test very high, but often have frustrating functionality and organization challenges associated with attention deficit disorder. As for the adults, that problem doesn't just go away because you got older."
With Millman's coaching, her adult and child clients create efficient systems so everything can get done in a timely manner, which relieves stress. (No really, it does.) It also means you might have a little extra time for you. Imagine that.
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