Holly Millman - Organizational Coach
  • Help individuals and professionals, in all stages of life, become more successful, effective and efficient.
  • Work with clients one-on-one, assessing individualized needs, developing short and long-term goals and objectives.
  • Focus on building valuable skills such as organizing, time management, and written language skills, as well as space management and study skills, using positive and engaging techniques.

  • Help implement tools to focus, plan, organize and prioritize, providing encouragement and bolstering self-confidence.

  • Customize strategies and systems to identify and enhance  strengths and learning styles, reinforcing strong, lifelong habits
  • Review, recommend and coordinate academic accommodations for student learning plans with lower, middle, and upper schools, as well as college disability support services.

  • Coordinate transition to college, including application process, essay preparation, organization of materials and tracking of key dates. 

  • Establish and maintain direct communication with the entire team, working together toward common goals.
  • Work proactively to reduce stress, create order out of chaos, and ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE!
Phone: 410-960-6780