Holly Millman - Organizational Coach

Holly Millman is a dedicated and experienced Organizational Coach with a unique and positive approach to helping children and adults improve personally, professionally, and academically by fostering their Executive Function Skills.  

Holly has her own practice in Owings Mills, Maryland, providing one-on-one coaching to individuals in all stages of life. Holly shares her excellent communication and motivational skills, creating a confident and nurturing working environment for children, adults, and families.

Executive Functioning is an individual's ability to plan, organize, strategize, and prioritize. For some people, executive functioning skills are not inherent and therefore need to be learned. These skills are necessary for success in school, work, home and life.
Personalized results will be reflected through strong motivation, realistic goal setting, improved organizational skills, and positive self-esteem. 
To help individuals improve personally, professionally, and academically by fostering their Executive Functioning Skills.
These processes revolve around
successfully learning the tools for managing
time, space, materials, and information.

Services available via Skype, FaceTime,
Telephone, and Email,

as well as In-Home and In-Office
Professional Organizing Services!